Profile | Artobotic

Intrepid art lovers across Scotland’s capital city are searching out Artobotic’s innovative art vending machines. We ask project originator Denny Hunter ‘what is an Artobotic?’ When, where and why...

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Artist Interview | Kirsty Boutle

Kirsty Boutle is an artist using drawing, painting and sculpture as a material interrogation of the body. What drives your passion – when did you know that art is what you wanted to do? I’ve always...

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Artist Interview | Flore Gardner

FLORE GARDNER’s work protocol based on daily drawing practice, notably making one drawing per day, a small, secret drawing in a notebook which is then transformed through processes of enlargement,...

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Artist Interview | Shelagh Brown

Shelagh Brown is an artist who combines an interest in the history of art and contemporary art practice to challenge viewers to think in different ways about the ordinary events and experiences of our lives and to evoke a physical or emotional response. What drives your passion? When did you know...

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